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basically, ive been busy for a while. You know working, school and other things.I put my 2 weeks in, and after wards i had a feeling of relief which tells me I made the right choice.
Im too young to be stressed out, im not going to give up my youth for anything. RIGHT NOW I SHOULD BE HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!
Anyway, I went to New York City with my brother and dad.I had so much fun, walking through central park, shopping, going on helicopter rides, and eating in chinatown. If i won the lottery I would move there in a second.So yes, I took lots of awesome pictures. Ill post laster. 1 hour to LOST!!!(yeah im obsessed)
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man, buttcrack picture, way to not go as planned!
haha way to steal my picture KAIM!!!!!!
i miss you<3and eric and kim
i know man. its been forever
i miss you. we need to make sure that you me and chris hang out

p.s. you did make the right choice. the place brought you down

ps. thanks<33
You look great,
and it looks like youre enjoying life to me...
but i get what you mean.
I hope all is well.
Peace. Be Easy.

same to you.
and by the way, this is such a small city. How come we never run into eachother?it needs to happen.
: )
aww thanksss.
seriously, it would be really good to see you sometime soon.
I feel its been wayyy too long.
true dat.